Consultancy Services The academicians and professional staff of GIPRD are at the disposal of their clientele over all working days of the week eagerly addressing the learning needs through their consultancy services. The areas of consultancy are specially research areas and in this regard, the GIPRD team of researchers and experts are proficient in educating, skill developing and training the expectant groups for economic activities, livelihood, health, hygiene, business, academic learning and higher studies as well as professional research areas.
Translation (Nepali –English/English – Nepali)
The language department of the Institution is fully capacitated with the cross language communication knowledge and expertise and thus, there is nothing to panic about how to get the documents, books and any other relevant materials to be translated in both Nepali to English and English to Nepali.
Researches The team conducts professional researches on which grants are given for organizational goals of various kinds such as researches on communities for empowerment: economic support programs, awareness programs, surveys for future project launching purposes, monitoring and supervision surveys and line agency support researches and surveys and so on.  Both academic and professional research endeavors are handled and conducted with due observance of the guidelines and goals of the client organizations.
Surveys All types of business, professional, organizational, academic and non academic surveys also fall into the working area of GIPRD. Thus, groups or institutions seeking for professional survey services  can access GIPRD research team to achieve their goals
Training services Colleges, institutions, hospitality sectors, finance sectors, business and development related companies or organizations can have training services periodically allocated by GIPRD. The announcement on all types of  training programs is made though public  media Television or Newspapers.