Training Programs

The Institute organizes several types of training as listed below:

Software Development Training Computer software training particularly in the area of how to develop the software of various kinds such as MIS, banking, accounting etc.
Research Methodology Training for Surveyors
The organization considers this as its key area of programming as the focused aim of GIPRD is to train and develop skilled manpower in the area of research and surveys at professional level.  The training addresses varieties of sectors and areas that demand diverse patterns of research. The aim is to expose and enable the trainees to adopt appropriate methodology of researches and surveys that aim at supporting professional or academic sector for further promotions
Professional Training The organization consists of members in its board and under the administration panel who bear expertise on various social development, finance and entrepreneurship, education and institutional development areas. The professionals in every sector relevant to personality development, business and management along with social empowerment are recruited as resource persons to disseminate training on varying above mentioned areas at affordable costs depending on the areas and duration of a particular training.
Proposal Writing Training Research and project launchers are served with skills and knowledge about how to write the best fitting proposals.