Training Programs The Institute organizes several types of training as listed below: Software Development Training Computer software training particularly in the area of how to develop the software of various kinds such as MIS, banking, accounting etc. Research Methodology Training for Surveyors The organization considers this as its key area of programming as the focused […]

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Workshops: National / International The organization as a rule organizes workshops on various Economic Development and Development management related areas throughout the year. The workshops are both national and international types.

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Mission & Vision


Our mission as an organization is the spread of knowledge and awareness among fellow human beings through the promotion of research, training and dialogue among key stakeholders in society.


G-IPRD vision is to create a center for policy research and development. The institute from its humble beginnings towards its larger efforts aims at supporting the creation of an equitable socially.


Global Institute of Policy Research & Development (G-IPRD)​ create a center for policy research and development Read More Get in touch About Us Global Institute of Policy Research & Development (G-IPRD) is a not-for-profit think tank established on 2012 dedicated to extensive and in-depth research activities on diversified areas of social sciences and education. The […]

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